Why Choose Modular vs. Traditional Site Built Homes

Not to be confused with ‘mobile’ or ‘manufactured’ homes, modular homes are built to the same standards and codes of site-built homes in a fraction of the time.

See our Modular Set Up Process complete in 4 Days!!

Modular homes are designed and constructed to meet or exceed local building codes and allowing nearly 90% of a home to be constructed offsite. Because these homes are built in a factory setting, this controlled environment reduces material waste, weather exposure, and time spent moving materials around.

It all adds up to countless customer benefits, putting you in a customized, quality home in less time – and with less stress.

We visit our manufacturers to confirm their high quality processes on your behalf, and we are never disappointed.

See photos from the busy facility where High Quality Modulars are being built – Holmes Building Systems:


Any Multi-Section home can be purchased as a Modular.

At a reasonable cost! Ask us about this option!


Here’s a Narrow Lot Modular used at a beachfront setting – wow!


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