R-Anell Exterior Planner

Try out the interactive R-Anell Exterior planner below and enjoy seeing your custom choices come to life.

Customize your dream home colors to see what your house could look like, and more.

We have an exterior of a home that you can select a Roof Pitch with a Dormer, Siding Color, Shingle Color, Trim Color, Shake Siding, Vertical Siding, get an idea for what your home could look like with the color scheme you have selected!

For pricing information on any R-Anell custom modular, or to set up an appointment to visit our incredible Design Center – please click here to talk to us. Thank you!

Exterior Home Choices – Design your R-Anell Homes exterior here:

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R-Anell Exterior Planner


R-Anell has built over 35,000 homes since 1972. Our experience and quality focus means your new home will be built right.

Now as a subsidiary of The Commodore Corporation, the largest family managed modular company in the country, R-Anell is looking forward to an equally long future.

The two most important decisions for any new homeowner are finding a builder they trust, and building with a modular company that will perform. We work continuously to listen, educate, and support the builders that sell our homes.